Why I’m Blogging

I’m on a journey to better health, and this blog is marking the trail that I take. Many people have gone before me, and as I uncover their helpful research, I will consolidate what I’m learning by posting here.

In my first post I explained why I started blogging: I discovered I have osteoporosis, as do my three sisters, and our mother and her sister did before us. That diagnosis set me on a pressing quest for answers that my doctor couldn’t give me. I fundamentally believe that our bodies are designed to heal, if only we supply them with the food and conditions they need, and I must discover those remedies.

I’m writing each post to my sisters, who are grappling with the same questions and share my time-based urgency. I’m writing to my daughters, who are young and invincible, whose bones are presumed to be at their peak density, yet one day they may need to know these things. I’m writing to friends I’ve met and those I haven’t, who are also searching for answers in plain English.

I used to wish I’d had medical training, thinking that would help me solve such health problems. But on my present quest I suspect my chemical engineering background is far more useful; I love to research, analyze, and think critically, and I’m unhindered by pharmaceutical agendas.

Thanks for joining me! If the route I’m choosing sounds right to you, feel free to follow. If I’m not making sense, please ignore me.


I don’t receive any payments, advertising revenue, or other compensation from supplement companies or any other party related to the products I recommend.

My comments in this blog don’t constitute medical advice, but are merely a consolidation of information I’ve gleaned from various sources and found personally helpful. If you suspect your health problem has a nutrient connection, I recommend that you consult an appropriate medical practitioner before trying out any diet, product, or protocol. I disclaim any liability for any medical outcomes that may occur as a result of applying information or methods suggested here.


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