Your nose knows.

The display of supplements is bewildering. Claims on the bottles lure me in, then I wonder: “Is this just marketing, or is it what my body really needs?”

Finally there’s a simple at-home method so you can know what you need. No more guessing, or chasing every bandwagon. As unbelievable as it may sound, your nose can help you identify what nutrients you, personally, are lacking. Diane Dawber’s new book explains everything.

Through decades of experience helping herself and others to wellness, Diane Dawber learned how to interpret the smell of a nutrient. Her book lays out the published science underlying this, and teaches the reader to make sense of the results. It’s called The Nutrient Scent Test, and you can order it here. 

Until I met Diane I had no idea that how a nutrient smells to me may be entirely opposite of how it smells to you. My nose might tell me I’m sniffing dog food, while you might detect cherry candy – within the very same bottle. And with Diane’s careful instruction I was able to determine what my nose was trying to tell me, and find my way to the excellent health that had eluded me. As I responded to my diagnosis of osteoporosis, this approach proved invaluable.

If you’ve read this blog from the beginning, you know that the only advice my doctor offered was to take an industrial corrosion inhibitor internally along with lots of calcium, and to scale back my life to prevent any possibility of falling. I’m inherently logical, and to me none of this made sense. Nor did it sound like fun.

Along came Diane Dawber, who patiently taught me what the medical system couldn’t. I shouldn’t really brag about how strong my bones are now, because to do that I’d have to disclose how many hard falls I’ve had in the past seven years, and that may be embarrassing. I did post about the first one – which convinced me it was safe to get back on a bicycle. And when my bike threw me into a Tokyo street a few months ago I wiped up the blood and continued on my way. Impressive bruises, but no broken bones!

If you’re trying to decode your own health issues, and you suspect nutrients may be part of your solution, if you’re gripped by fear of not taking the right supplements, or tired of feeling tossed about by the whims of marketing or online claims, this book can equip you with the facts you need next. I highly recommend The Nutrient Scent Test to you. Now, because I’m committed to full disclosure I will tell you that I helped edit the book, thus my name is in the credits. But I offered my time and skills because I so wanted this information to get to you, and I don’t profit in any way from sales of the book. I don’t sell supplements or benefit in any way from recommending them. My commitment is simply to sharing what I’ve learned.




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